Job Search Tips That Will Get You a Job in 2012

Submitting job application

Cyprus unemployment has been steadily increasing monthly since 2008 and is getting closer to double digits (January 2012 Eurostat figure – 9.6%). However there are opportunities out there – either through Advance Career or through other means like newspapers, online or traditional networking methods. Below I list our top ten tips in order to get that job in 2012.

  • Create a killer CV – A modern, clean looking CV that has a simple design goes a long way in opening the door for an interview. It must not look too cluttered or be longer than 2 pages, also avoid telling ‘stories’  in the CV, stick to bullet points and job title. HR managers take less than 60 seconds to make a judgment on a CV so ‘less is more’. Very important is to showcase your achievements – try to include numbers and percentages as well.  Also choose a font that is easily read, avoid fancy fonts, italics and colours.
  • Create a to-do list. When you’re job hunting, you’re going to have a never-ending to-do list for things like reaching out to contacts, going to events, sending CVs, etc. Always follow up with a phone call to see if your CV was received this can be an opportunity to speak to the HR manager.  So create a list and keep your job search tasks as organised as possible.
  • Network like Crazy – Both online and face to face. Always take the opportunity to ‘say hello’ to people and mention you are looking for a job – do not be ashamed or shy that you are seeking employment. Go to as many events and seminars as possible (check with hotels for upcoming events – most are free). When speaking to business people listen carefully and let the conversation wander to topics they initiate, perhaps you can help them get information about something they need and you know about. Relationship building takes time, it’s give and take and it often progresses in a disjointed series of conversations which sometimes circle back to the same person at a later point. Join online specialist industry groups on LinkedIn or recruitment groups like ours So be patient and make constant networking a cornerstone of your job search, whether its personal contacts social media or professional networking.
  • Interview Success: Be prepared & be yourself. Do as much background search on the company as possible as well as the job itself. Be on time take a copy of your CV with you. Also be yourself – if someone hires the real you, it will likely make for a successful job for years to come. If you try to be someone else to get the job, you may find yourself unhappy in the job or out on the street looking for another role sooner than you’d like
  • Say Thank You: It’s very important to follow up after a job interview, because even if you think the interview went badly, keeping in touch may improve the interviewer’s perception of you. A simple email is fine.
  • Build references – Have at least two professional references and actively offer these to a potential employer. As employers are more hesitant to employ in this current climate a strong reference may assure a company that you are the right person for the job.
  • Sharpen your skills – Keep improving your knowledge, knowing how to use MS office is not ‘wow’ anymore. So look for and learn the ‘wow’ skill relevant but essential to your industry.
  • Change – Consider freelancing or contract work if it’s available. In some industries employers are willing to pay a premium to contract staff because there are less ‘overheads’ incurred employing them. Also more and more employers will consider temporary staff – this can sometimes lead to permanent roles if an employer is happy with you.
  • Get connected – Create a social media profile if you don’t already have one, but be careful of the information you are sharing – more and more employers are searching online for information on potential hires. Also utilise news sites and industry alerts to keep you up to date on news and market trends.
  • Be Positive – A job search will always have its frustrating moments, because things don’t always happen when or how we want them to happen. But instead of letting setbacks ruin motivation, take them as lessons. Have in mind that… ‘Even in a job market with 10 percent unemployment, there’s 90 percent employment!’.

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