Top 10 In-Demand Jobs in Cyprus in 2024

Top 10 Jobs in Demand for 2024

Getting closer to the end of the year, as a recruitment agency in Cyprus, we would like to share some of our predictions about the top 10 in-demand jobs in our island for the upcoming year.

Continue reading this blog post to learn our opinion for the in-demand positions in Cyprus for 2024 – we included them in a random order below. In the list, you will find professions that have always been popular in Cyprus, and others that their demand has increased recently.

Software Development

The demand for software and technology solutions continues to grow globally. Cyprus, like many other countries, will likely see an increasing reliance on technology in various sectors such as finance, healthcare, education, and e-commerce. This will drive the need for skilled software developers to create and maintain software applications and systems.

Cyprus started focusing on digital transformation, there will be an increased demand for software developers to support this transition. Companies and government agencies will invest in technology to improve their operations and services.

Since the pandemic, remote working has created many opportunities for Cypriot citizens to work with international clients and companies. Software Development is an innovative position that would be on demand not only in 2024, but for several years after that.

IT Systems Administrators, Servers, infrastructure

IT systems administrators, also known as system administrators, maintain a company’s computers, servers, networks, enterprise software and security systems. The profession has always been valuable for many companies, but after the digital transformation our island is going through in the recent years the profession has become vital.

We believe that IT Administrators, Servers, Infrastructure will be in demand in Cyprus a lot more than the past years as more companies are relocating in Cyprus from abroad and already established companies are expanding or updating their systems and networks.

Digital Marketing

Since the pandemic digital marketing has become the most vital form of advertising in the island. Cyprus has been ranked as one of the most social media-obsessed countries in Europe, this is the reason we can assume that the majority of our advertising is digital. Businesses of all sizes are using digital marketing techniques to stay relevant and increase brand awareness.

It is important to add that digital marketers have become more popular after the pandemic and the rise of more social media channels such as TikTok. This is causing many companies to seek digital marketers or digital agencies to achieve reaching a broader audience through online channels such as websites, email marketing, google advertising and social media platforms.


Accounting has been one of the most popular professions in Cyprus and it will continue to be in 2024. Accountants are valuable in tax planning and company registrations. For these reasons, they are valuable for our economy.

Accounting is vital for companies and organizations as it keeps a systematic record of their financial information. The records help individuals to compare current financial information to previous data. With full, consistent, and accurate records, it allows them to assess the performance of a company over a period of time. The profession will continue to grow in Cyprus, according to data, ICPAC currently has more than 5,500 professional accountants as members and 3,500 students.


Similarly with accountants, auditors are valuable assets to our economy. Accounting is the daily process of recording financial transactions and maintaining records. On the other hand, auditing is the process that focuses on ensuring the accuracy and legality of financial statements, it verifies the accuracy and eligibility of the records and statements presented by accounting. It is extremely vital to determine the profit and loss and the financial position of an organization for a certain period of time.

After explaining the reason auditors are valuable assets to our economy, as a recruitment agency in Cyprus we predict that they will be in demand in 2024 and for many years to come.

Hospitality Employees

Our hospitality sector has always been in high demand, and it keeps growing, as tourists visiting the island are increasing each year. Many new hotels and restaurants have opened recently, and they are looking for employees to help them provide an excellent customer experience to their visitors.

The foreign investments and businesses relocating to Cyprus have increased and they open doors for the hospitality industry as well. For example, banqueting staff are required more now than in the past years. It is easy to predict that our rapid growth in the hospitality sector will increase the demand for more hospitality employees.

Reception/Front of House

Similarly with the hospitality industry, receptionists and front of the house people will be needed as new businesses are flourishing in Cyprus. They are the first person someone will see when they enter a company, and their place is significant to provide good customer service and experience.

This position would be important to many new businesses coming to Cyprus in 2024 but also to already established companies and businesses in many sectors that required a receptionist/front of the house person to assist their visitors or clients.

Data Analysts

Data analysts process insights from data to inform the company and allow it to make better business decisions. They are really high in demand as they help companies to solve problems, understand and utilize their data in the best way possible. Data analysts should be able to gather data from sources and implement statistical techniques to analyze the data, proding useful statistics and information.

Considering all the facts we have mentioned above we believe that it will be one of the top 10 in-demand jobs in Cyprus in 2024, as it became really popular the last couple of years.

Customer Support Officers for Online Trading or EMI Online

Customer Support Officers for Online Trading or EMI Online are responsible for investigating and resolving any discrepancies in payments by communicating with banks and processors. They can help with any technical difficulties a client can have, they are also responsible for fraud prevention and chargeback disputes.

Because of the favorable tax system in Cyprus, we have a lot of companies operating in online trading, this is the main reason we include this profession in our list as it is currently in-demand.

Legal and Compliance Officers

A compliance officer is an employee of a company that ensures the firm is in compliance with its outside regulatory, legal requirements, and the company’s policies and bylaws. They monitor, manage risks, and procedures. They also perform audits and update their company for any new regulations the company should apply. Their position is valuable because they can help the company to avoid legal issues and protect their prestige.

Legal and Compliance Officers are currently in high demand not only in Cyprus but also worldwide because regulations and laws have changed and have become a lot stricter than what they used to be, resulting increasing the demand of this profession.

Let us know about your own prediction for 2024, do you agree with our list?
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