Payroll Services

As a leading payroll outsourcing provider we are here to ensure that your payroll runs smoothly and efficiently every time. Our payroll team is fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable so you can safely entrust your payroll to us. Outsourcing back office services such as payroll will leave you more time to run your business and will substantially reduce your overhead costs.

Payroll services offered by our firm encompass payroll processing, payroll administration, HR administration including advice to expatriate staff and related compliance services. The service can be fully customized to client’s circumstances and needs.


What can we do for you?

We deliver a fully managed payroll service encompassing; processing, compliance, payroll and HR administration for your employees in Cyprus.

Elements of the service are:

  • Registration of the company (as an employer) to the authorities
  • Collecting employees’ details
  • Liaising with the income tax authorities and the Department of Social Security
  • Processing payments to employees and Government Authorities
  • Preparing tax returns and all other relevant forms and returns
  • Advising on regulations and guidelines affecting expatriate employees
  • Advising on employment contracts and employment law issues

Why Outsource?

In-House Payroll?

Processing your payroll in-house can be an expensive and complicated business. Advance Career outsourcing can reduce the costs and stress involved in the processing of an in-house payroll. In addition to this, payroll outsourcing leaves you with more time and resources to focus on what you do best! There are some common factors to consider when deciding between payroll outsourcing and in-house options.

Confidentiality & Disaster Recovery

Never underestimate the importance of backing up your payroll software on a regular basis if you run an in-house payroll. You also need to ensure that you have an active disaster recovery policy in place to guard against the unexpected. We have a state of the art back up and data recovery system that provides security and reliability of your data. Advance Career pays great importance to data protections and 100% of your data is completely confidential, we will only take payroll instructions from named contacts within your organization.

Staff Costs

You will also need to consider the costs of recruiting, employing and training qualified, experienced accounting & payroll staff when choosing between payroll outsourcing and running it in-house. The costs involved in keeping your payroll in-house may be more than you think!


It can be time consuming to research and check the frequent changes to payroll legislation. When you run your payroll in-house, the onus is on you to check that you are legally compliant. When you outsource to the Advance Career, you will find that we know all about payroll so you don't have to!

Software & Support

You will need to regularly upgrade and pay maintenance on your chosen payroll software. In addition to this, IT support from your own IT department and the payroll software provider will use up more time and costs.