Are you ready to succeed?

Are you ready to succeed

The Difference Between People Who Succeed and People Who Flop

Successful people charge forward, take calculated risks, and come out on top because of it. But do you ever wonder what it is that really sets them apart from the rest? Jim Rohn believed it was pretty simple. He said, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” He may sound a little harsh, but he’s right. We all know that success is no accident, and I believe that successful people are conduits for new information because they are open to improving.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or wondering how you can become a better leader, check out these 5 practices of successful people.

    1. Follow Through – Here’s the hard truth: anyone can come up with a brilliant idea or make a hefty promise with good intentions. What sets successful people apart is their commitment to see something through to completion. In fact, experts say that success is 1% inspiration and 99% execution. In the business world, we tend to think that the best approach is to keep our next move a secret. However, try this strategy: share your intention with one or two close friends or confidants, and allow them to hold you accountable. The path to success is paved with hard work, and intention alone isn’t going to get you there.
    2. Practice, Practice, Practice – People who fall short of success do not see the value in continuous practice. They don’t realize that the most successful people are always fine-tuning their craft even when they feel like they’ve ‘made it.’ Successful people don’t feel the need to kick their feet up and rejoice that the work is over, because truly successful people know that the work is never done. Mastering your craft is a lifetime of dedication and effort. This doesn’t mean all work and no play, but instead is the understanding that no one is at the top. Whether a brain surgeon or a master of none, you must know you’re not above practice. Believe that there is always room for improvement, and read more about mastering your craft here!
    3. Have Difficult Conversations – Ask your boss for a raise. Set boundaries with a colleague. Share your honest feedback on a pitch. Regardless of the topic, difficult conversations are worth having. Not only are they the gateway to where we strive to be, but they are challenges that grow us as leaders. Successful leaders don’t shy away from difficult conversation just because they’re uncomfortable. Instead, they lean in, knowing that great things happen outside of their comfort zone. Imagine you are one difficult conversation away from your goal. How can we push ourselves to have these conversations? Try this! Get acquainted with leaning into the discomfort that these situations bring about. Engage in conversation with people who have different opinions than you, and invest in developing different mindsets. Check out these other success mindsets and remember, difficult conversations are no more than another hurdle you must jump over to get to where you’re headed.
    4. Feed Your Brain Continuous learning is a non-negotiable. Successful people carry the belief that they are a student of life, and as such, they will never stop learning. Further, they understand the necessity of feeding their brain as often as they fill their stomachs. Whether through a formal education or attending conferences and summits, learning will always be “in”. Reading self-help books, attaining new skills, and learning new languages are all awesome ways to keep our brains flowing and flexing. If it’s been a while since you’ve learned something new, invest in your knowledge! Try tuning in, listening to your curiosity, and researching something that interests you.
    5. Ask yourself “What am I not willing to do?” – Recognize where exactly you’re falling short! If you can find what it is that’s stopping you, you can make the decision to switch it up. Is there a limiting belief getting in the way of your success? Unproductive habits, perhaps? Is fear running the show? Whatever it is for you, find it, label it, and tackle it. You already know how to get around what’s holding you back.

Successful people go the extra mile. They invest in their progress and believe in bettering themselves. Use these 5 tips as a guide for doing the same, and let them propel you forward.


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