Gen Z in the Workplace: Attracting and Retaining the Newest Workforce Generation

Gen Z in the Workplace Attracting and Retaining the Newest Workforce Generation

People that are born between 1997 and 2012 belong to Generation Z, the adults of this Generation are the youngest in the workforce. Gen Z has grown up with technology and is naturally gifted with social media. These young people can be an asset for companies, because they can find quick and easy ways to fulfil their tasks.

This blog post will discuss how you can attract and retain Gen Z talent. Here at Advance Career we are often recruiting young candidates for our partners and today we will like to share with you some of things we notice are significant for Gen Z.

Attracting Gen Z Talent

Gen Z workers are usually hired in entry level positions, but they can be a huge asset to have in your workforce due to their innovative thinking. However, Gen Z as the new generation is shaking things up, for them a good working environment is what matters most — they want a meaningful position at a company that makes a difference, shares their personal and social values, and offers mental health support. Gen Zers prefer a diverse culture and flexibility. Their ideal  work environment allows them to be flexible and the possibility to work from home. 

Apart from that, Gen Z likes to have a clear career path and well – structured responsibilities. Gen Z values the balance between their work and personal life. Moreover, Gen Z workers love to do group activities and develop their skills with their co-workers so they value companies that can support their goals.

Gen Zers love social media and innovation. One of the ways to attract Generation Z is to be active on social media and have a strong online presence demonstrating your company’s ethics, culture and achievements. 

Retaining Gen Z Employees 

Gen Z are considered revolutionaries as they are shaping the current norms of work – life balance. Gen Z employees will easily leave their job for another one if they feel pressured and miserable there. Gen Z demands for flexibility and adaptability, and many workplaces around the world are changing their policies to cater for more of their employees.

So it won’t be enough to appear to have a diverse and flexible work culture just during the hiring process and on social media but to actually live up to the promises you make when Gen Z candidates join your team. Create work events, allow them to grow their skills and support them in the best way possible. Setting a clear career path and goals will motivate them to stay and grow in the company. Allow them to achieve their personal goals along with their professional ones. Reward them with bonus when they achieve their goals

Gen Zers are not lazy, they value efficiency and they work to achieve their tasks not just to hit 8 hours in the office.  The strict and harsh approach without any significant reason may have a negative outcome because they are completely different from millennials that were able to work over hours and huddle the pressure. We are not trying to say that Gen Z workers can not handle pressure, though all about mental health Gen Zers will not appreciate unnecessary tension.

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the ways Gen Z employees stay and grow in a company. It is understandable that not all the workplaces can provide the flexibility and hybrid working this young generation desire, but it should focus on motivating and inspiring employees, helping them grow and enhance their skills. Young people appreciate the knowledge and enjoy a pleasant work culture.

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