Why you should give a good interview experience to candidates

Why you should give a good interview experience to candidates

As a recruitment agency in Cyprus, one of our primary objectives is to ensure a positive interview experience for our candidates. We maintain regular communication with candidates, keeping them informed about the progress of their applications and the overall hiring process. Even if a candidate is not selected for a position, we believe in providing constructive feedback and assistance to help them transition smoothly to their next opportunity.

For example, many companies neglect to inform candidates about their application status, despite promising to do so. This lack of communication can leave candidates feeling frustrated and undervalued, tarnishing the company’s reputation and potentially deterring future talent.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the significance of prioritising a positive interview experience for candidates and explore the effects of neglecting this aspect of the recruitment process. Additionally, we will offer insights and practical tips for companies to improve their interview practices and uphold a reputation of professionalism and respect for all applicants.

Providing good interview experience

There are a lot of different aspects that make a good interview experience, it begins from the first message of communication to the last one. Most companies promise that candidates will be notified for their application status even if they are not successful for the position. A lot of these companies fail to do what they promise. From the candidate’s perspective, informing them is the least they can do, as the candidate has dedicated time to attend the interview and prepare for it. This is the reason many companies are viewed as ignorant later on by candidates, especially if the candidates have reached the interview stage and they were never contacted again.

As it was previously mentioned, this situation has a negative impact on the company’s reputation. Candidates who experience negative feelings during the interview are unlikely to apply again to the same company. Also, this means that they will not recommend the company to other potential candidates. In this way, some companies underestimate the effect this lack of contact will have on them in the future.

Moreover, there are other factors that may contribute to a negative interview experience. Fortunately, these occurrences are not as common as the previously mentioned ones, but they are still worth addressing. A poor interview experience can also result from company disorganisation, prolonged candidate wait times, or last-minute interview date changes. Additionally, encountering a rude interviewer can significantly sour the experience. While this situation is rare, if it does occur, it can harm the company’s reputation.

The interviewer process is a reflection of how companies are facing their employees. If a candidate feels unvalue or uncomfortable during the interview, chances are they will not want to work for that company, now or in the future.

Ways to improve interview experience

One of the most critical aspects of enhancing the interview experience for candidates is ensuring clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process. This begins with promptly acknowledging receipt of an application and providing regular updates on its status. 

Whether the candidate is moving forward to the interview stage or receiving a rejection, they appreciate transparency and closure. Receiving a rejection letter, while disheartening, allows candidates to move on confidently to other opportunities, knowing where they stand in the hiring process. Likewise, if a candidate progresses to the interview stage, ensuring they are treated with respect, professionalism, and courtesy is paramount. This includes scheduling interviews in a timely manner, and providing clear instructions.

Moreover, the human resource department plays a crucial role in maintaining communication with candidates. They should act as a liaison between the hiring team and applicants, ensuring that all parties are kept informed and updated. This involves not only conveying decisions but also addressing any questions or concerns candidates may have along the way. Clear and timely communication not only reflects positively on the company’s professionalism but also helps to uphold the candidate’s perception of the organisation, regardless of the outcome of their application.

If the hiring process feels overwhelming for the company, or if finding the right candidate for a specific position proves to be a challenge, we highly recommend considering sourcing from a recruitment agency. As a recruitment agency ourselves, we specialise in making the hiring process more manageable and efficient for companies. We take on the responsibility of informing the client and managing the recruitment process from start to finish, making the process less stressful for everyone.

Our services make the company less responsible for finding and contacting qualified candidates. Additionally, we screen candidates to ensure they meet all specified requirements, saving the company valuable time and resources. By partnering with a recruitment agency, companies can streamline their hiring processes, improve candidate quality, and ultimately make more informed hiring decisions.

Final Thoughts 

Candidates value honesty and transparency, the least companies can do is give them closure. A good interview experience is highly appreciated by candidates and even if they are not the person chosen for the position, they have a good perception of the company. In contrast, if you undervalue the candidates that you will not select you are in danger of creating a bad image for your company. We hope that this article has offered some helpful tips for companies and how they can ensure that potential employees are handled in a polite and professional manner. 


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